Final Draft

sounding fixed from Tiggy Moore on Vimeo.


Fifth Draft

Fifth Draft from Tiggy Moore on Vimeo.

In my fifth draft I have edited it on magic bullet to make the colours more suited to the genre. I have also changed the colour of the writing on the titles to white as it looked more effective and I have added effects to them as well to make it more interesting. I also made the writing smaller. I am very pleased with this draft however only have one more alteration as i’m going to add a few more sound effects to the car and also there will be a green light coming out of the box that my main character opens.


Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Since filming my Preliminary task, I feel I have learnt a huge amount, for example premier pro, using premier pro in the first stages of the course were very difficult and i struggled alot, as i found it hard to understand the tools and shortcuts, however i now know how to cut clips, slow them down and speed them up with ease. In my preliminary task the continuity editing was not very precise, however I now believe that from practice through out the difference planning task, cropping and cutting the clips, my continuity editing has improved immensely. Also in the preliminary task I learnt the 180 rule, this is an essential part in my final product as it can confuse the viewer if the clips are not following the 180 rule. Again editing the clips together was a big struggle at the start when I did my preliminary task, as I struggled to cut them and make them flow together and look natural, however with practice I feel like my precision has definitely improved and is shown in my final film. In my preliminary task, I used very basic, very minimal, camera angles and camera shot, as I only really included really 3 different camera shots, where as in my final product I managed to use a much larger variety of camera angles, for example, a mid shot to show the expression in the assassins face when recieving the box, i also made this a two shot you can see the other two mens expressions as well. I learnt about these different camera angles whilst making my mundane task, this was useful as I had to really thing about the camera shots, angles and editing to make it interesting. Finally there were many issues with my preliminary task simply due to lack of experience with filming and editing, which I feel i have overcome with my final product.


evaluation question 5 from Tiggy Moore on Vimeo.

To evaluate the way in which i addressed my target audience, i firstly looked back on my target audience survey and interview, to understand what would attract and address my audience. My survey showed me that many people enjoyed action films and that the typical convention was based in either very urban area, due to this my location was very important to make sure my film fit the perfect expectation so that it would it attract more people to watch, however I decided I would challenge the conventions of a real film and I decided to use a rural road in St Ouens to give the suspicious feeling, this is like in the film “the Raid 2”. Due to 50% of the people who answered my survey being middle aged, I decided that it would be best if my Main characters were around the same age due to this it means that my target audience are able to connect and relate to my main character Steve.

Evaluation Question 1

evaluation question 1 from Tiggy Moore on Vimeo.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I feel my project develops and challenges forms and conventions of real media products. It is clear that in my film I have used many traditional conventions and formats of an action film. Firstly I feel the title of my film portrays a very obvious convention, “Confined” is what i named my film as it gives you an idea of what the film is about however it does not ruin and give the film away.

My media product contains similar conventional properties for example costumes, my actors wore dark clothes and there was a difference between the two men in the first car who wore completely black clothes and the man in the second outfit who had a leather jacket and hat on, this is similar to other action films I looked at, for example ‘The Raid 2” the men in the opening scene where all black clothes apart from the main man who still wheres dark clothes but they slightly differ to show that he is more important than the others.

Also my choice of props shows conventions and forms of real media products as I used guns, a big black car, a black, and a black sports car, these are props that tend to be shown in real media products, for example in “Day of the Jackal” where there is a lot of gun use between the spy’s and assassins. I used a black Jeep in my film as this portrays real forms of media products, for example in Die hard they have a black Jeep as well, this makes the people inside look important. I also used a sports car in my film, there is a large use of sports cars in action films as they make the main person look important and it makes it clear to the audience who the most important man in the film is, for example in “Fast and Furious 7”. I also a box in my media, although this is not a typical prop, it is similar to what is usual seen in actions films, as in a lot of actions films there is an exchange of something whether it is a brief case, a key or a box.

I originally chose two boys for my main actors in my film, however I soon realized this did not portray real conventions of media products as you don’t ever see teenage boys running around with guns and driving fast cars in real actions movies, so I decided to change this and have chosen three middle aged men as the actors in my media, this reinforces the forms and conventions of real media products as actions films normally cast middle aged men as the main character for example in Skyfall, Point Break and Hot Fuzz, due to them being around this age shows their power, this also portrays the characters that show a long career in the armed forces or special agents with experience and doesn’t make them look venerable as they are normally fit and healthy.